without a good printing press and a ventilation system the joys of printmaking are harder to experience on a daily basis. 

printmaking taught mo to love subtle textures and to accept the unexpected. there is always something unplanned happening . . . however subtle.  this was a development that has strongly influenced her artistic endeavors . . . especially mo’s illustration style.

etching is very well suited to mo’s love of drawing but she tries to take the process beyond just drawing.  while creating the plates she carries them in sketchbooks or in pockets to create textures.  mo hand buffs the plates especially when working with plexiglass to create a more tonal work.  mo is currently experimenting with bringing more textures to plexiglass.

the series below was actually two sides of one plate and printed at the same time after the first run showed a ghost print which was previously abandoned.  it was the first round of plates using plexiglass.

t-1 (short for top)


now back in the print studio mo is working on continuing her miniature (2x2) plates as well as working to bring more depth to her plexiglass prints.

mo also hopes in the near future to work more  on her linoleum prints.  mixing the graphic with more detailed areas as with ‘walkabout’.



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