the behind the glass series is reflective of mo’s observations of animals in and out of the water . . . peering through glass using reflections, shadows, scratches, and smudges as well as the differences in behaviors and perceptions to tell the story.

for this piece mo starts with vine charcoal but proceeds with  layers of glazing . . . some lifting off of layers and adding more again . . .

the glazing takes time . . . these paintings are worked on over a  period of months.  to date only two exist of the 6 planned  works the first created in 2009 and the second 2013.

mo loves the results of these works but at this point she wants to focus more on the variety of techniques.  its an artistic journey that she feels she is still in the ‘infancy’ stage and the more she creates the further or closer she gets to something her artistic voice is searching for.  much like her illustration style ... the ballpoint pen was at the end of that search though she is still growing and always will.  ‘forever student’

polar plunge
puffin plunge
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